Easter Children’s Books

Easter Books For Children of All Ages

Easter Book 1When you are selecting an Easter gift for children or assembling an Easter basket for a child, be sure to include a few great Easter children’s books. There are amazing books for children of all ages ranging from baby to teen. Books are often the best gifts a child will receive. Something they will keep and read over and over again.

If you have children on your list who are not yet reading (babies and toddlers) there are great books just for them that will introduce them to the fabulous world of books. If you have children who are tweens and teens, there are great books for them with a story that will take them on a journey time and time again.

Books are a great gift any time of the year. An Easter themed book makes a great gift by itself, in a group of gifts, or as part of a their Easter gift basket. If you are sending the book all alone as a gift, check for options when you are looking at the full details pages to find out if there is a ‘gift’ option. You can have the book shipped to anyone you choose and if the ‘gift’ option is available you can even include a message with your gift. The ‘gift’ option will also prompt the removal of price information from the delivery!

Great idea for distance gifting or just across town so children will receive packages by mail for Easter and other holidays.

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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free”
~ Frederick Douglass ~


Easter Children’s Books for Baby

 Baby’s First EasterCheck Price
When you are shopping for a baby, always make sure the book has no choking hazards. Check the full description to ensure the book is not going to have small parts, like fluffy bunny noses or tails, that can be bitten off and swallowed.

Here are a couple of Easter Books created with a baby in mind.


Baby’s First Easter Book

Books for babies need to be washable, at least with a damp cloth, as well as colorfully entertaining. Babies are going to chew on their books, so be sure it is safe and cleanable.

When selecting a book for a baby, the focus should be on pictures and what they will enjoy looking at. This padded cover picture book has adorable pictures and is perfect for a baby. It is also a small book which makes it an easy book for babies to hold. It is a great “first” Easter book for a baby.

Recommended for ages Newborn – 3


 Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)Check Price

This “lift the flap” book is somewhat interactive since it features little surprises to discover beneath the flaps as baby “reads” along with you or flips through the colorful pages alone. It is reminiscent of a hide and seek or peek-a-boo game.

It has short, simple writing and the book is illustrated with bright pictures that are sure to entertain babies and toddlers.

This would make a lovely addition to an Easter basket or given as a singular gift.

Recommended for ages 1 – 4 years.



Toddler’s Easter Books

 Thumper Finds an Egg (Disney Bunnies)Check PriceBoard books and soft books are great for toddlers. They are also easy to clean (following the cleaning recommendations — often using a antibacterial cloth is sufficient).

Find fun topics, read to your children, share about your experiences, and encourage them to read to each other. If they are not yet reading encourage them to tell stories they make up themselves based on the pictures in each book. Sometimes the stories they create are better than the stories in the book and often very entertaining. Nothing compares to the active imagination of a child.

Thumper is always a favorite and this story is adorable!

Recommended for ages 3 – 5


Easter Eggspress! (Thomas & Friends)

 EASTER EGGSPRESS!Check PriceChildren adore Thomas & Friends! The train characters are popular with both girls and boys.

I have found from experience that children enjoy books that feature the characters they are already familiar with and already love. They are often the best choice when you are buying any special holiday book.

In many cases, you can find enough character items (books, toys, etc.) to fill an entire Easter basket. That is always a guaranteed hit with any child.

The Easter Eggspress with Thomas & Friends is a coloring and activity book that follows a storyline about the mishaps when preparing for an Easter parade. The book features fold out play scenes, write on/wipe off activities, coloring pages and reusable stickers for hours of interaction and entertainment.



Religious Books for Kids About Easter

Easter books for kids are focused on the story of Jesus, Bible stories, and other traditional religious topics about Easter or told during Easter.

 Baby’s First Easter (The First Bible Collection®)Check Price
Baby’s First Easter: A Carry Along Book (First Bible Collection)

When a baby is celebrating their first Easter, we want to give them gifts with special meaning. Books that teach on a age appropriate level with beautiful illustrations. This book could easily be a treasured keepsake for a child, if it is preserved.

This is such a special book design that you may want to purchase two of the same books. Give one to the baby to play with now and save the other one for a memory box.

This board book has a handle for easy carrying and children definitely enjoy carrying their books with them when they go to visit their grandparents and friends.

Recommended for ages 2 – 5


Easter Children’s Books for Kids 9 And Over

As kids get a bit older they aren’t going to enjoy the style generally created for babies, toddlers, and early education.

They are going to be prefer a book with a story line that is a more in-depth, where the reading is more challenging and the illustrations more age appropriate. This is where something a bit more fun comes into play.

These selections are based on ratings, age recommendations and books that my own children have read.

As always, please review each item to ensure it is still appropriate material for your preferences.

 E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth’s Core! (2) (The Guardians)Check Price


 Easter Eggstravaganza Mad LibsCheck Price


It is always a great choice to find something an older child is going to actually enjoy reading, but be sure you check the parent’s reviews in the actual listing. Also, the recommended ages vary so be sure to check each publication for age appropriateness.

Some content rated for age 9 may not be appropriate for YOUR 9 year old. Each case by case should be evaluated based on the child you are actually purchasing the book for.

Mad Libs are fun fill-in-the-blank books for tweens, teens and young adults. This is actually a book you can easily make a game out of and enjoy sharing with friends.




 Ogres Don’t Hunt Easter Eggs (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, Holiday Special)Check Price


Children, tweens, and teens are going to enjoy reading more grown up style stories relating to the Easter topics.

Stories about kids, imaginary characters, or real life symbology is more entertaining and appropriate for older children. Selecting a book that is a age appropriate and fun encourages a child to read. Books like this can make a child want to read.

Each of the books in this section have a unique approach to giving kids and adults new perspectives for reading and story telling.




“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
~ Emilie Buchwald ~


Classic Comics Books for Children

The classic comic books are always fun to include in Easter baskets! While these books are most often recommended for 4 – 8 years old, I happen to know several adults who still love them.

 Peanuts: The Easter Beagle Egg HuntCheck Price Garfield Easter BunnyCheck Price The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story: Stickers Included!Check Price


Easter Craft & Activities Books For Children

 Easter Coloring Book For KidsCheck Price

Books for Easter Activities, Crafts and Coloring Books are always great!

It is so much fun to have coloring or craft activities for the children handy.

In addition to including a coloring book in a Easter basket, you may well want to add a few of these to your reserve box so you will have them handy whenever the kids come over or when they have a weather related change of plans.

For a lot of families craft time is an ongoing activity. If your family is creative, then you know how important it is to have a variety of holiday materials handy for making cards, learning about the holiday, or just having fun.

Holiday crafts come in a large range and variety from coloring books, activity books, sticker books, etc., but there are also books available with some really fun and excellent craft ideas and instructions for the whole family.

Even a coloring book can turn into family time as you work together to create a masterpiece of art.

Add one of these to any child’s Easter basket and give them hours of fun to enjoy long after the festivities are over!

 Easter Eggs Sticker Activity Book (Dover)Check Price Easter Treats: Recipes and Crafts for the Whole FamilyCheck Price Crafts For Easter (Holiday Crafts for Kids)Check Price


There are literally Thousands of Easter Books available. I have only featured a few selections to show variety and examples of age appropriate suggestions, but books are always a fabulous gift idea for any age.

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