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Recommended Children’s Video for Easter


My children have always loved Jim Henson’s “The Tale of the Bunny Picnic” video. It does seem especially appropriate for Easter simply because it really is about a bunny rabbit picnic. Of course, all of the little bunny puppets are adorable, but this is truly a terrific story too.

It is the age old story of a boy who cried wolf. In this case a male bunny named Bean. He is a very young, creative and imaginative bunny who has told so many tall tales in the past, that when he really does discover that the farmer has a new dog who is expected to hunt rabbits, none of the other bunnies believe his warning.

The Music in “The Tale of the Bunny Picnic”

The Bunny Picnic is also a musical with so many delightful songs. Children love the fun songs that are so catchy and easy to remember. You will, no doubt, even find yourself humming or singing the bunnies songs for days.

Listen to The Drums of Time ~ One Great Example of the Music in the Video


The Moral of “The Tale of the Bunny Picnic”

As with most, if not all of Jim Henson’s videos, there is an awesome moral fiber woven throughout the story. One of the morals of this story, is encapsulated in these few quotes from The Tale of the Giant Hedgehog, told by the great Storyteller in The Tale of the Bunny Picnic.

Story Teller: One day the nasty ole fox fell asleep. Suddenly, he heard a mysterious voice.

“Fox, Fox, I’m the Giant Hedgehog and even though I’m really, really big and you’re really, really small, I’m not gonna hurt you and do you know why?”

Little Bunny: “No Why?”

Story Teller: “Because those who hurt others, hurt themselves.”


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