Plush Easter Bunny Costume

Easter Bunny Rabbit CostumesEverybody loves the Easter Bunny and children love being visited by the giant white rabbit! These costumes allow you, or an adult member of the family, to dress like the Easter Bunny. Some children will, of course, realize that it is a costume, but they still enjoy the make-believe and fun of having the Easter Bunny actually visit.

When our children were pre-school age, we used to take them to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny. I truly wish I had thought to buy the costume and have one of their uncles wear it and visit them in their own home. Meeting the giant rabbit in familiar territory makes a child feel safer. In their own home, they could easily retreat to their own safe haven if needed. Also, it allows time for kids to warm up to the giant rabbit without being forced or rushed because another child is waiting.

Having the Easter Bunny actually hunt for eggs with children gives them a task to complete together. The child will feel a lot more comfortable walking around with a purpose while accompanied by the giant bunny. Plus, there will be lots of photo opportunities that are not as staged as sticking a child in the Easter Bunny’s lap, taking a picture, and making them move on.

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Easter Bunny Costumes

There are several Easter Bunny costumes available that would be great! You choose which one you like best, or which one you think your child will be most comfortable around. As adults, we see all of them as adorable. However, children may truthfully prefer one to the other. Perhaps you could even choose a costume that resembles a favorite rabbit from one of their story books.

Either of these costumes is available in one size fits all or in multiple sizes for adults. Since they are not “fitted” costumes, they can be used for years. Plus, that allows different adult family members can take their turn playing the Easter Bunny.

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Easter Bunny Rabbit Costumes