Matching Egg Games for Toddlers

matching egg gamesAs parents, we are always striving to find toys that are holiday associated, but will be played with and enjoyed all year long. If they happen to be educational too, that is even better!

Here are a few recommended matching egg games that would be perfect to give to toddlers on Easter, but are not just for Easter entertainment.

Either of these games are sure to bring hours of fun and enjoyment for several years, not just the holiday weekend.

Oh, and the eggs would definitely look appropriate in an Easter basket!


 Toddler Toys – Color Matching Egg SetCheck PriceBaby Toys Clever Matching Egg Game

These eggs would not only be great in an Easter basket, but they would initially make wonderful Easter egg hunt eggs.

The game is pretty obvious to adults, but toddlers can spend hours sitting and matching the eggs sections together. They experience a tremendous sense of accomplishment each time the egg halves match and fit together to complete a solid egg. These eggs can also help teach colors and shapes. Not only are they fun, but they can be educational.

These matching eggs are a great choice for an Easter gift for a toddler.


Animal Memory Match Up Egg Game

 Numbers Matching Montessori Educational Toys: Set of 20 Dinosaur Eggs Enhancing Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers Ideal Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys and Girls Ages 3 and up Perfect for Preschool GamesCheck PriceAll children love animals!  These little dinosaurs are nestled in their “eggs” that are made just for them!

Remove the dinosaurs from their eggs and let your child match the correct dinosaur by color to the matching egg.  Line up the dinosaur eggs by number to help teach a child to count and recognize numbers.  This would also be a great opportunity to teach your child facts about dinosaurs.

The smooth edged dinosaurs are made with child-play in mind.

Make it a game for a couple of toddlers to play together or for a mom or dad to play with their child. The game winner is the individual who gets the most matches, but playing the  game is fun for everyone. They can always challenge the winner to a rematch!

Imagine using hiding these eggs on Easter and the fun your child will have discovering dinosaurs in the eggs!


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Matching Egg Games for Toddlers