Easter Egg Carousel Display

easter egg holderWhen decorating for Easter, I am always looking for unique and adorable items, especially for my kitchen. I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen during the holidays, and I really enjoy surrounding myself with appropriate holiday decor.

This Easter Egg Carousel is one of my personal favorite decorations for Easter. Under the direction of my mother, my family members still decorate eggs every year even through my children are grown.

Each year, Mom brings over all of her egg decorating supplies which have been collected for decades. We all gather in the kitchen to either decorate eggs, or to watch the decorators.

Easter Egg Carousel

After the egg dyes and decorations have dried, we send the designated “hider” out to the backyard with all of our eggs. After the eggs are hidden, the Easter egg hunt begins. Usually, my husband is the designated egg hider.  I always laugh at the odd places he finds in the back yard to hide our eggs.

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After all of the eggs have been found, we bring them back into the kitchen and place them on display in the Easter Egg Carousel.  This makes a beautiful Easter centerpiece for our dinner. I do have to move the loaded carousel to the refrigerator before and after the meal.  I prefer to keep the eggs from going bad.

The Easter Egg Carousel does rotate, so every one at the dinner table can spin the carousel to make their egg selection. Yes, we do eat our Easter eggs.

Because I truly enjoy decorating with the Bunny Easter Egg Carousel, I also have Decorative Easter Eggs.
I place them in the holders during the days preceding and after the actual day of celebration.

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