Easter Lights: Lighted Window Silhouette Decoration

 Meonum 2 Pcs Easter Egg Bunny Window LightsDecorating for Easter can be almost as much fun as decorating for Christmas!

Kids and adults alike enjoy festive decorations for the holidays, especially lighted decorations. The Easter window silhouette decorations make decorating for Easter a breeze. No assembly is required. The Easter silhouettes arrive ready to hang. You simply press the suction cup on the window, hang the silhouettes in your window and plug them in!

They can also be hung outside. The silhouettes themselves are UL listed for outdoor use. Like outdoor Christmas lights, you would need to use proper care and consideration for the plugs in outdoor weather.


17″ Lighted Easter Bunny Window Silhouette Decoration

This Easter Bunny Silhouette is more suited to those of us who want to hang a decoration inside our homes. At night, the lights are not going to be bright enough to show the image of the bunny when viewing from a distance. Since the lights do not outline the shape, no one would recognize it as a bunny. However, it is adorable and children love it! Therefore, I would recommend the cute bunny silhouette for family viewing inside the home, or simply daytime viewing.

17″ Lighted Shimmering Easter Bunny Window Silhouette DecorationCheck Price


16.5″ Lighted Easter Egg Window Silhouette Decoration

The Easter Egg window silhouette will view the same way from either side. You could easily hang this Easter silhouette in a window and the people inside or outside of your home would be able to enjoy this holiday decoration. This one is sure to delight the entire neighborhood. They will most likely want to emulate your Easter decor.

16.5″ Lighted Easter Egg Window Silhouette DecorationCheck Price


17″ Lighted Hatching Baby Chick in Egg Easter Window Silhouette Decoration

There is something so very special about anything that represents new life at Easter. This little baby chick hatching from his egg is not only symbolic, but absolutely adorable. Everyone will love your baby chick. Like the Easter egg above, this baby chick will shine for both sides when hung in a window. People inside and outside will be able to see him and enjoy his sweet appearance.

17″ Lighted Hatching Baby Chick in Egg Easter Window Silhouette DecorationCheck Price


17″ Lighted Easter Bunny with Carrot Window Silhouette Decoration

If you want an Easter bunny that will display both inside and outside, this is the bunny silhouette for you! It will be very easy to make out the bunny shape, even at night since he is outlined with lights. He is rated for outdoor use, as well as indoor use, but it is certainly a lot easier to control the lights when he is plugged in right inside your home. No need to worry about weather either!

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Easter Lighted Window Silhouettes

Truly any of these Easter lighted silhouettes would be quick and easy decorations for Easter. They come ready to display and they are all absolutely adorable!