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Easter nail decals
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Nail Art For Easter In Ready To Go Kits or Do It Yourself

When you are getting ready for a special event, or really any day, during Easter or Spring, you are going to love having cute decorative nail tattoos and decals for your nail art. If you love to do your own nails or enjoy decorating your family and friend’s nails then you are going to want to get a great kit and have it handy.

The Easter Nail Tattoos and Decals sets come in many sizes from the smaller sizes for a one time application to larger sizes which will give you enough supplies to do several applications (yourself or others). These Easter nail tattoo sets are great to give as gifts, to have fun and do your nails in style. Sometimes one subtle design is all it takes, other times you are going to want to go-all-out and give your nails a bit more glimmer and pop.

Go subtle by day and add a bit more nail art by night. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity and imagination.


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Easter Nail Tattoo Sticker Easter – Flowers in Egg

The Easter floral designs are great anytime of the spring or summer. Depending on where you live you might even find them amazing other times of the year as well. If you love the way flower designs add a special touch of nature to your nail art, then this is the place to find the best Easter flowers nail tattoos and decals. Combining nature with an Easter theme seems to be as easy as adding color to an egg. One way to do that is to let nature show us the best colors to choose.


Easter Nails

Easter Nail Art Nature Theme

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When you are choosing a color scheme or theme for your Easter fashion look around at the color show nature is putting on in your local area. What colors do you see the most of? What flowers are in bloom?

These flowers and butterflies reflect the beauty of nature around you.

There are lots of decals included in this package of nail tattoos and they can be used on real or false nails. These beautiful nail stickers can be enhanced with gems to give them a unique look that is all your own.

In most cases blending in a little with the surroundings in nature will bring many compliments your way.


Combination of Designs for Beautiful Nail Art

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A combination set will give you more ideas to expand on your nail art designs. Try different set combinations for different times during the Easter and spring season.

Look at each set and take note of the different designs included in the set.

For example this set has both Easter eggs and baby chicks, as well as the Easter bunnies. You will have several design ideas to work with using just the eggs, or combining them with the bunnies or chicks.

Each of the individual images in this nail decal set are awesome. Therefore, you can be assured any combination of designs will be truly fantastic. Also, a lot of fun to wear for Easter.

Nail Decals

Easter Nails

Easter Nail Art on False Nails

When you are using false nails to create your nail art, create the art before you apply the nail to your hands. This way you will have more control over the results. You can use both hands to do the decorating.

This way you will have your sets ready to apply and not need to do any of the decorating after you start to attach each nail to your hands.

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You can include less candy in an Easter Basket for Teens when you include candy themed items instead. There are so many types of items which come in candy themes it would be hard to list them all. While you are shopping for teens or anyone else who might be limiting sweets keep an open mind. Books, fashion, home decor, etc. are often just as welcome as sweets.

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Easter Nails

More Nail Art Tools & Supplies

If your nail art project is more creative or artistic, and you would like to create your own tattoos, this section will provide a few tools for you to get started.

Start by selecting the colors you are going to need to create your Easter designs (or any theme). Then if you are going to create the tattoos or decals freehand, start by drawing with pencil on a piece of paper and checking your plan (using colored pencils) so you will have a test run and then can follow the example you created when you start on the nails.

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Nail Art Stencil Kits

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If you are not going to create your design freehand you might like to check out these stencils to help you start your design. You can start with a one color design. Then add a color or some shading after you have the basic shape done.

Again, to repeat an earlier tip, do the work on the false nail before it is applied to your hand. Make several ‘sets’ in advance so you are ready to apply the nails anytime you are getting ready to go out.


3D Nail Art Supplies

With Three Dimensional (3D) supplies you can create a great design yourself by using ready to go 3D items. Consider adding rhinestones, glitter, flower tips, studs, and more. The creations you can make with these are amazing. Unique and original designs you will be excited to show everyone you see. These would make great gifts for anyone who loves art and nail art.

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