Easter Candy Jars: Delightful Treats

easter candy jarsA big part of the fun of Easter is all the candy. Therefore, we all needs Easter candy jars. Think of the jelly beans, the chocolate eggs, even the marshmallow peeps of every baby animal variety. What better place to keep all of this yummy candy than in a jar designed just for the holiday.

Bunny Easter Candy Jars

The Easter Bunny is such a great family holiday tradition in our house. All the kids know that he hides the decorated eggs and brings every one of us lots of candy. So an Easter candy jar with the Easter bunny decorating it is ideal. Any one of these Easter candy jars would make a great addition to your home decor as well. Holiday time or otherwise.

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Baskets and Eggs Easter Candy Jars

More Easter fun comes in the way of baskets filled with candy and topped with that traditional chocolate bunny. Then all the found decorated eggs get added. The basket is overflowing. Enticing with bright colors and delicious goodies. What child of any age can resist? Well, certainly not this child of advancing age!

Using Easter Candy Jars for Home Decor

I have several Easter candy jars in my home. Oh, yes, most do actually hold the holiday candy. But, these also make great home decorating items. My grandchildren all know that one sits on the side table next to my couch. They also know it’s filled with Jelly Belly candies.

For this home decor grouping, I sit a small plush bunny next to the Easter candy jar. Then I place a decorative plastic egg in the bunny’s lap. Just these simple items make a huge difference in my Easter home decor.

Of course, one of my Easter candy jars also functions as part of my table centerpiece. It’s a simple idea, coupled with my Easter placemats, I have a great table for our family gathering. I love the way Easter candy jars are so versatile at this holiday time.