Easter Baby Bibs

easter bibEveryone in the family deserves apparel for Easter, even the baby.  Bibs are the easiest, and most practical, apparel for a baby for Easter.  Baby bibs can “dress up” any baby outfit for Easter and be simply adorable to boot.  Plus, when one gets dirty, you can simply change it to a different Easter bib and still be in holiday style.

Toddlers can often participate in the Easter egg hunt.  However, they still need to protect their Easter clothes once they start sampling their great finds.

Babies may not hunt for eggs, but they should also be included as much as possible in the Easter events.  Perhaps a new bib and Easter teether would make their holiday fun.  Plus, parents will know they have included their babies and they will have mementos to show for it.


Easter Bibs

 Easter Bunny Rabbit Gingham Baby BibCheck PriceEvery child loves bunnies! Therefore, bibs decorated with bunnies are perfect for Easter. The bib featured on the right is handmade, which means they are not mass produced.  Your baby will have a very special bib indeed for Easter with that bunny.  The bunny bib shown is available on Etsy.  Simply click the photo to see it and place your order today.

Of course, there are a few other fun bibs too.  How about a dinosaur or a train carrying Easter eggs.  They are really cute bib ideas.

A new bib for Easter makes all of us smile, especially moms who want to make sure our babies Easter outfit stays clean for photos.  A baby or toddlers feeding schedule rarely coincides with any holiday schedule.

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Really Awesome Easter Bibs

 inktastic My First Easter Pastel Colored Wreath Baby Bib White
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 Inktastic – Eggs-cellent! Cute Easter T-Rex Dinosaur Baby Bib Blue/WhiteCheck Price Inktastic – My First Easter Train Baby Bib White/Blue
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Bibs for Easter