Disney Plush Easter Baskets

Disney Plush Easter BasketsKids love Disney. Children love anything soft and plush. They also love Easter egg hunts and pretty Easter baskets. With the Disney Plush Easter baskets you have it all in one!

When our children were little, especially when they were first learning to walk, I always worried that they would fall and get hurt while rushing around to find Easter eggs during the Easter egg hunt. Toddlers get really excited during the hunt, especially if they have older siblings hunting for eggs with them. I remember our little ones finding a colored egg and quickly holding it up to show to everyone. They were practically dancing with each discovery. Unsure feet coupled with the excitement of the day, definitely leads to accidents and falls. Therefore, a plush Easter basket is the perfect kind of Easter basket for a toddler or small child. These soft baskets don’t have sharp edges or cane weaving that could break and poke our precious ones.

Because all kids love Disney characters, the Disney plush Easter baskets make an awesome companion for Easter.
Thumper’s Easter Bunny Basket (Bambi Plush)Check Price

Thumper Plush Easter Basket

Thumper, from the classic Disney “Bambi” story, is a magnificent choice for a plush Easter basket! Not only is he a favorite Disney character, but he is clearly a bunny rabbit, which is always totally appropriate for Easter and Easter egg hunts.

This Thumper Easter basket can serve as a basket to hold a child’s Easter goodies and then double as their Easter egg hunt basket. The ears have velcro closures to create the handle for the basket.

Gorgeous face and adorable design!


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Plush Easter Baskets

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are among the most popular of all Disney characters. That may be, in part, because they have been around for decades and spanned the generations. Whatever the reason, they are quite beloved Disney characters.

After Easter, children will enjoy carrying around their favorite treasures in their pretty plush “mouse” basket. The handles are also fabric so kids can carry them on their arms in purse style.

Disney Mickey Mouse Jumbo Plush BasketCheck Price Disney Minnie Mouse Plush Easter BasketCheck Price


Disney Characters from Winnie the Pooh Plush Easter Baskets

Winnie the Pooh is another truly beloved storybook character, but Pooh is not the only beloved character from those tales that is available as a Easter basket. Eeyore is also an option.

Eeyore’s body provides the basket area for eggs and goodies, while Pooh shares his hunny pot to hold a child’s Easter treats. Either of these plush Easter baskets would be fun friends for a child to share their Easter day and activities with. For years to come, kids will still use their basket friends to hold their treasures and mementos.

Disney Eeyore Plush BasketCheck Price Winnie the Pooh Hunny Plush Easter or Halloween BasketCheck Price


Disney Princess Plush Easter Baskets

The Luxurious Disney Princess Gift Basket – Perfect for Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Get Well, and Other Occasion!Check Price

The princesses have been around in one form or another for decades. When I was a child, we had to choose one or the other. However, these days children can enjoy them all together.

This Disney Princess basket is available as shown with all of the toys and treats included, but it also illustrates how you could put together a personalized Easter basket for your child.

The pre-assembled Easter gift basket on the right includes magnets, tattoos, a few books, a notepad and pen, a card and puzzle set, that all feature the Disney Princesses. The gift basket also includes a Disney Princess Storybook Dream Camera and a Disney Princess Little Kingdom mini doll along with the actual Disney Princess plush basket.


More Disney Easter Baskets

For the little guys and girls who love cars and planes, the Disney Pixar Car and the Dusty the Crophopper “Planes” Easter baskets are also available. I have no doubt these plush Easter baskets would be quite a hit!

Disney Cars Easter Basket PlushCheck Price Disney’s Planes Dusty the Crophopper Plush BasketCheck Price


Any of the featured plush Easter baskets would be fantastic, fun and a lot safer to carry. Simply choose your child’s favorite Disney character and make this Easter basket one they will always want to keep.


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  1. I love these! I think the ones I like best are Thumper and Winnie The Pooh but all are lovely :)

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