Disney Character Easter Eggs

Disney Easter EggsEaster egg hunts are always a lot of fun for children. Having specialty Easter eggs hidden for the kids to find, makes it a bit of a challenge for some and a simply special treat for others.

These Disney Easter eggs are prefilled which makes them very easy for the “Easter Bunny” to add to the group of treats he is hiding for the hunt. However, a parent may well wish to replace the candy with a healthier or more desirable treat before allowing the Easter Bunny to hide them. The fun is more in discovering the specialty Disney character egg than in the candy inside.

The children will delight and squeal with joy when they find an Easter egg featuring their favorite Disney character. These eggs would also be an awesome addition to their Easter baskets.


Easter Eggs Featuring Disney Characters

Here are some of the prefilled Disney Easter eggs that are available. The Disney favorites package of 16 embossed eggs contains a combination of characters including Mickey Mouse, the Disney Princesses, and Disney Cars.

The second choice is Easter Eggs that contains the Disney Princesses, and the third selection features characters from the popular characters from popular Disney films including Stitch & Monsters Inc.

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Reusing the Eggs and Character Wrappers

On some of the featured options, the Disney characters are printed on a plastic wrap, so keep in mind, when the plastic wrap is removed, the Disney characters will no longer be featured on the egg. The colored plastic eggs themselves are reusable. The only way to reuse the character wraps would be if they were carefully removed initially from the egg and taped back on. Most children are not going to be careful removing the wrappers, so if you wish to reuse the wrapper pictures, you will definitely need to assist your child when opening their egg for the first time.